“Gym hard” – Popular female gourmand cries out as she tries to lose belly fat


A female Twitter user who has risen to the ranks of the ‘Nigerian Influencer status’ due to her consistent posts which shows her eating large amount of food on camera has decided to lose some belly fat and it seems she is now regretting her earlier lifestyle of stuffing her stomach with food.

In a recent post she shared, she joked about regretting her actions.


She shared photos of herself showing how much weight she’s put on from eating too much for her followers’ entertainment.

In her words;

“If I had known, I for no dey chop like thief. Gym hard.”

See more photos below ;

Her fans however encouraged her to be consistent with the gym sessions and with time, she’d see good results.

Below are some comments we culled from the post ;

Aunty Ada wrote;

Wait. My darling, have you checked? I have heard of so many stories where some ladies get so unhappy with their body and hit the gym. Only for them to find out that they are pregnant. You know i care about you

Odili wrote;

Getting your body back is 30% exercise and 70% controlling of your intakes except you are just working out for strength alone.

Olawale wrote;

this your belly is taking more shape. I hope you aren’t going to the gym to eat egusi soup and pounded yam

Sunnie wrote;

Dear Ruth, you are making a great effort. Keep going! A little advise, let go of heavy food, especially fufu, it is a heavy food, intentionally fast morning to 12 or 1pm. You’ll be fine.
Take fruits


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