Grief and Healing By Adunke Olatunji


It is not what we prepare for, it is not supposed to be part of us but nature is full of mixtures of good and bad. It does not matter how it happens, it sets its victims on emotional path. It does not have any regard for age either. It comes In various ways such as death of loved ones, failure to secure an important or major accomplishment, a deplorable state of sickness e.t.c

The likelihood of coming out of it depends largely on how prepared is the mind. Though better said than done, because most often, the victims tell the story better. Until you come close to it or in it, it may be difficult to express. But in any case, acceptance is the best cure and solution. Take it wholeheartedly that it has come to pass and can not be changed. The life can gradually pick up.

For instance, when it is completely accepted that though a loved one is gone and can not return then, I have to make myself fine and be alright. The deed is done.


The experience of grief is both uniquely personal and universal. Our personality, our relationship with the deceased, the manner in which the deceased died, our life stage, and many other contextual factors matter and impact grief, and yet there are many experiences, phases, stages of grief that are universal. Those who are grieving deeply or who are farther along in their healing are often trying to understand grief and its realities. It has been said that people die but relationships do not. The existence of the related parties extends the feeling of the pain.

Being middle aged personalities full of activities and flexibilities may sooner than later brings it to an end in such a way that the issue could be calmly referred to. The engagement with other life issues can disconnect hence lowers the rate at which it reverberates in the mind.

Grief can degenerate to many unwanted situations such as health issues, mental imbalance, emotional challenges, physically deterred state and even madness. In many occasions, it has been depression and eventually led to death.

To be forward looking, focused, and completely take adjust to new normal are basic ways of dealing with the odd.

Adunke Olatunji
Tabitha New Life Time

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