FULANI Youths Destroyed Seriki’s Palace to Blackmail Yoruba Nation – Yoruba Group



_Group faults IG on Sunday Igboho_


FULANI youths in collaboration with rogue Nigerian undercover agents were responsible for the arson that took place in Igangan on Friday


In a statement issued on Saturday, Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) said the widescale arson that took place Friday night was the handwork of FULANI youths and some state security operates.

The statement signed by Col Abimbola Sowumi on behalf of the coalition absolved Yoruba youths in the mayhem adding that the arson took place several hours after Sunday Igboho had left the town.

“Any intelligent probe would reveal that the attack was the handiwork of a party desperate to portray victims of FULANI violence as the aggressor” AOKOYA said

The group said Igboho drove to the town without any arrest neither was there any security protection for the Seriki indicating that they had hoped Igboho would commit violence in Igangan but when he left after a peaceful rally, state security operatives in collaboration with FULANI residents attacked the Seriki’s house and burn it.”

AOKOYA said through out the burning of the house there were no records of resistance by the FULANI and no one was burnt in those houses confirming the credible information that state agents and Fulani residents burnt the houses to blackmail Sunday Igboho.

“The FULANI people and their government in Abuja drew a plan to allow Igboho into Igangan. They burnt the houses after Igboho left to blackmail him and the Yoruba nation. The FULANI have infinite capacity to commit evil” AOKOYA said.

The coalition faults the Inspector General of Police, (IG) instruction that Igboho be arrested.

“The IG did not order the arrest of leaders of Coalition of Northern Groups, (CNG) that gave ultimatum to Igbo to quit the North. The IG did not order the police to invade Yoruba forests and arrest the kidnappers. He did not visit families of Yoruba people that have been killed by Fulani herdsmen including first class traditional ruler but found it convenient to order the arrest of Igboho who only held a peaceful rally. This is a clear pointer that President Mohammadu Buhari is only in office for the sake of his FULANI killers who have turned Yoruba Nation into habitat where they kill and maim in preparation for war against the rest of the country.

The group warned that the selective justice being administered by the IG will only weaken and destroy a fragile country rocked constantly by the desire to violently seize the country and Talibanise the entire indigenous population by the FULANI.
The group said the Fulani cabal is intoxicated by power and hunted by the imminent break up of Nigeria but wanted the subvert the wish of Southern Nigeria, the middle belt and Northern minorities.
AOKOYA urged the Yoruba in towns, cities and villages to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with FULANI who wants Nigeria to exist on the condition that the FULANI have eternal stronghold on the country and her people including full control of land and resources of indigenous peoples whose only crime was to have been too kind to host FULANI on their traditional land

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