“From okrika seller to soft life” – Single mother of two shows off her amazing transformation (video)

Single mother of two shows

A single mother of two has taken to social media to show off her amazing transformation, going from selling second-hand clothes in the market to becoming successful.

The entrepreneur, identified as @bodybyfrances on TikTok, disclosed that she started out as an okrika seller before things took a positive turn for her.

She shared a video of herself advertising her wares at a market with her two kids, followed by videos showcasing her incredible transformation and stunning glow-up.


Frances noted that it’s not easy being a single mother but she is glad she didn’t give up on her hustle.

In celebration of her birthday, the single mom, who appears to be a fitness enthusiast, wrote,

“Today, I’m once again grateful for where he’s brought me from and where he’s taking me🙏🏼
Cheers to a new age 🥂
I pray for the abundance of strength to keep going 😇😇😇”

Watch below,

The video has sparked a ton of comments on TikTok, with many wanting to know what she does for a living now.

@daisydoll_x wrote, “Girl how did you do it ,tell us the story”

In response, she said she would share her story with the world soon.

Read more comments below,

@favourqueensogo wrote, “Super proud of u girl, love the way u love ur kids. happy birthday queen.”

@tenanaturals wrote, “Big flex. Thank God for your life. Some people have good oil on their head no matter what and you are one of those persons.”

@gloriachizz7 wrote, “I‘m just concerned about your waist becoming more tinier.”


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