Farida Yahya: Using Customer Insights to Improve Your Branding

Farida Yahya: Using Customer Insights to Improve Your Branding

Dear business owner, it is not enough to have a brand, you must ask yourself these questions: does your brand meet your client’s needs? Do your products and services give them their desired result? Do you constantly look for ways to improve your customers’ journey?

You cannot provide satisfactory service if you don’t understand how your customers think, feel, and behave. Reading the mind of your customers is near impossible, however, gathering customer insights is one way to tell what your customers need.

Customer insights are feedback gathered from your customers and prospects through surveys, polls, reviews, questionnaires, social listening, and analytics. The information obtained through customer insights helps you understand customers’ preferences. With this, you can improve your product development, branding and create a better customer experience.


Here’s how you can use customer insights to improve your branding:

Monitor Your Customers’ Journey

Over time, you may observe a decline in your customer base. A closer look will help you identify the cause of this decline in your customer acquisition or retention. Your customers expect your brand to meet their standards and exceed their expectations. Once your brand does not do that for them, they look for other alternatives. There’s no way to know what they expect except what you’re told, which is why you need to collect customer insights from them. These insights help you monitor your customers’ journey and help you make improvements where necessary.

Optimise the Quality of Your Brand Service

Who doesn’t like quality service? Definitely not your customers. The quality of your services tells your customers whether they should keep patronising you or not. You need to be on top of your game by regularly getting insights from your customers. The results would let you know how customers find your products and/or services. And if they are not as effective as your clients expect them to be, you’d know which areas to tweak and optimise.

Improve Brand Recognition

Sometimes, customers decide to patronise your brand because of your brand image. You do know that the face of a brand is as important as the services rendered. And this applies to your brand as well. Using customer insights tells you what clients think of your brand logo, colours and website functionality. Thus, helping you to improve your brand recognition and enhance customer loyalty.

Managing Customers’ Changing Needs

The market is fickle, and so are customers’ needs. Over time, your services might not fit into your customers’ needs. If this lasts for too long, your brand will take a downward spiral. As a business owner, you must ensure that it doesn’t happen. Use customer insights to know when their needs change and adjust accordingly. You might have to introduce new products and services, but keeping your brand in business is a great consolation.

Improve Customer Service

The importance of customer service cannot be overemphasised. How you treat your customers says a lot about your brand. Customers expect premium treatment, and if your brand lacks that, you will lose your clients. Customer insights highlight the problems your clients have with your brand and provide you with tips on how to fix these problems. Use that to your advantage.

Using customer insights work excellently for improving your branding. When you implement the necessary changes, you will build a brand that customers will strongly connect with.

Got questions? Leave a comment and I will be sure to answer them. Until next time, keep building.

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