Eulogy for Akanji, Adeyemi, Ajimobi- An Eminent Statesman and Great Leader! —Moshood Erubami

Eulogy for Akanji, Adeyemi, Ajimobi- An Eminent Statesman and Great Leader!

We received the news of the death of Senator Akanji Adeyemi Ajimobi with great shock but pacified by the fact that no one can query God, we submit that He giveth without notifying and takes without warning!!

Though, our dear “Shehu” is no more alive but he continues to live in our conscience, so he can live on.
On every day that he will be remembered,
He will speak to us through the various eulogies that will be delivered.
For we feel in our heart,
and we know others do, too,
That He lives and will speak to us all
through the kindness, caring and sharing we do to ourselves.
And when we look at the present,
the hope for a better future;
We couldn’t help but feel;
That hope dwindled and dimmed.

As we solemnly decide to join other well meaning Nigerians and Supporters of APC worldwide to give respect to our amiable quintessential leader, We should all remember we are all destined at each of our own time to go where our Adeyemi is going.


We remember our dear leader popularly referred to as “Shehu”, known and called “Oko Florence ” and rise to celebrate and express our joy on the gifts that his struggles was to us, and to express the pain that his loss brings to us, sharing the joy and the pain together.

Notably, Are Atunluse was elderly but died at an unripe age that we never prepared for. Given the life he lived, the politics he played and his struggles against hunger, poverty and for more abundant life. We believe he is at peace and that his struggles are at an end, though there is pain and sadness.

It will appear, that he is out of this sinful world but he left a good legacy of love, humility, courage, compassion, commitment, integrity, transparency and accountability. These lessons he taught us as his students as the new ways to see the society and building our capacity to ask questions about our ways of life including taking actions to remove our problems from the face of the earth.

Sadly though, the struggles he waged did not achieve all that he had hoped for the people that look towards him for liberation from the sway of their tormentors, he nonetheless left us with a need to continue to fight and struggle until the country could be managed by those who will see the joy of human beings as fundamental.

Our thoughts before he bade us farewell was of unity, togetherness, and amity within our party, his death might make it a bit difficult to bring up new politicians, who will be the force for nurturing future movements that can bring about positive changes to politics, government and governance.

We have lost a hero in Abiola Adeyemi Akanji Ajimobi to the cold hand of death which prevented him from realizing all the desires in his mind, the reason why he never got the chance to make this happen remains a mystery.!

To the wife of Akanji (Omo Olodun mejo) Yeye Are Atunluse, Mrs Florence Ajimobi, the beautiful, good spirited, storming petrels who lost greatly, her husband who she called “My Dear” during his lifetime. We commiserate deeply with her and pray that she live long in stable health and prosperity to reap the fruits of her hard labour on their Children.

With her husband’s demise, she will no doubt face the obstacles of miss and absence which the state of the nation might magnify in the family but We are sure she will wage strong survival struggles against their devastation. Life is full of many obstacles, Yet through it all, her love and care for the family and friends of her husband will make her remain focused.
Her perseverance through adversity will make her a powerful lesson for other women to learn and we believe this shall be her legacy as an “Action Woman”
We should all thank Akanji for teaching us how to be a good father, husband and a leader including how to lead without pretence and say our minds when we need to!

Comrade Mashood Erubami
Development Finance Expert,
Centre For Human Rights and Ethics in Development (CHRED)
Email: [email protected]
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