Epleptic Supply Of Electricity Has Thrown Many Nigerians Into Darkness and Prices of Goods and Services Hitting The Roof- newspot


Nigerians  are  reeling in shock  asmany social services are in shambles. In a survey conducted by Newspot reporters showed that electricity seen as the pivot of a nation’s development in social an economic reformation has totally collapsed..

From Abuja to Lagos, Ibadan , kaduna, Maiduguri , Owerri and Port Harcourt to mention but a few Newspot reporters recorded tales of discomfort and frustration from Nigerians.

In the past few weeks in these cities mentioned above,  regular supply of electricity,as recorded by our reporters, had been a mirage.

Reports from Abuja known for stable electricity supply in the past has joined the league of ” No Power Supply” . To worsen the situation ,  whenever there was a rainfall,  light would go off for two or three days.


In Ibadan residents bemoan their fates to our reporters  that many parts of the city had been without light for two weeks. Mr Bisi Omololu said  “the situation is becoming a bother to many . With the fuel  pump price that  keeps changing like chameleon and the insecurity stirring into our faces make me believe Nigeria is dangerously sliding into a failed nation.

“Banks are not left out. Many customers are finding it difficult to have access to their accounts because many banks cannot function optimally because of internet failure   due. to erratic supply of electricity. Telephone providers are struggling to provide uninterrupted services.”

In Maiduguri Newspot reporter said the activities of Boko Haram insurgents had virtually thrown the city into endless darkness. He said bandits now target power installations blowing them off at will.

Similar reports came from Yobe, Gombe and Bauchi States.

To compound this problem of power supply is the spiraling of inflation in all sectors. Prices of almost everything has tripled in the market.

Transportation has been affected.  Air and road  fares have doubled  same with food items.

Mr Fidelix Monday a civil servant summed it up: If electricity can be fixed properly,  many prices of goods and services that are hitting the roof will come down.”.


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