#endSARS: Time For The Youth To Form A Political Party By Lanre Akin- Deko


…..Thinking aloud

Going by the highly successful EndSARS protest the youth should consolidate and use the opportunity to form a brand new party that has nothing to do with any existing political party.

They have 2+ years to do this enough time to form a formidable party considering the population of youth in the country.

If they are serious they can get say 5million of them to raise funds for the new party as not much can be achieved without string funding. With a levy of say N1000 per month per person and paid for two years a total of N120b can be raised.

There also signs that this idea if a brand new party will gain support across the age groups who will also support financially. It’s important that the discredited older politicians are not allowed to meddle in their affair or to derail them.

It’s good that even Sowore was not allowed to join the protest. This should be a new clean begining and the time is now that majority of nigerians seem to be on their side.

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