#endSARS: Suspend the Protests for now By Akintayo- Akin- Deko

Regarding this spate of protests, my concern remains to avoid seeing our talented but still politically naive youth being used as cannon fodder by ANYBODY

It’s obvious that the strategy of the #Endsars planners (and there are planner behind the scenes) goes beyond denouncing murderous policing. It is also to peacefully confront government over bad governance and impunity.

The planners KNOW that a militaristic govt, no matter it’s civilian garb, will never tolerate confrontation and will eventually come down hard on the protesters. They also know that no parent will tolerate seeing their kids bloodied for what is nothing more than street carnivals and speaking truth to power.

(As an aside, yesterday in Mokola, as curvy girls marched past sashaying, with scintillating steps to booming reggae music, and handing out food and drinks, Mokola local population went wild screaming for the end of SARS. Right under the noses of nearby police officers, who coyly hung their heads in shame)


If government moves against these youngsters and we their parents are forced to also take to the streets, some will die but the world would roundly condemn PMB. Heads Buhari loses, tails the protest organizers win. That is the strategy.

But each dead child leaves behind a grieving family. We are, as parents, no longer carefree youths but wise elders. No family should lose their child because of political roforofo fight. Not here, not anywhere

UNLESS and UNTIL there is a clear strategy of where the protests are taking us and who are in the driving seat, we should stop short of allowing our youth to bait a militaristic government into doing what it knows best. They will call it “defending Nigeria against threats external and internal”. We would call it extrajudicial killings. Regardless, the world would move on.

We first need to know exactly who we are being asked to die for. Until then, LET THE PROTESTS END – FOR NOW

Akintayo Akin-Deko

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