#ENDSARS Protests: Setting Building In Flames In Lagos; We Saw It Coming”- Lanre Akin- Deko

I am sure some of us saw this chaos coming up. It fits the political agenda to weaken the south if temporarily. With all the destruction of properties(govt, personal and companies) going on we end up destroying our economy in the south particularly Lagos which will run into billions of naira and more lives will be lost. It will take some time to recover and any backlash will affect both the youth and elders alike.

Burning of buses is not a good idea at all. It is still the commuters that will lose.

As it is now any burning houses can’t be salvaged as no fire vehicles will risk going to help. The whole space is now left for the hoodlums to do what they want (as the youths have lost control) meaning we at home too have to be careful.

Please be vigilant because no one seems to know how all these will end.


Maybe this is the time for a known spokesman of the youth to publicly announce the suspension of the protest. This may stop the hoodlums in their stride.

Then their protest can always be revived but with better planning and strategy.

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