#endSARS: Don’t Underrate Crowd Effect, It Can Consume Anybody– Demola Ijabiyi


I have read commentaries on the ongoing #endSARS protest where protestors  are being referred to as  agents of darkness? How many of them do we really have out there among our youths? No, i do not buy that narrative at all.

At Abuja, we could see clearly that the FG sponsored some youths, not necessarily thugs, to counter the protesters. But elsewhere, the youths just hit back to let loose their anger and frustration at the government. They are jobless, they are hungry, they were outside hoping to hear from the government. Instead of placating them, the FG unleashed violence against them, thus escalating the crises.

And when people lose their heads as it followed later, there is no limit to the havoc they can wreak. Mob action comes in and virtually everyone becomes a thug. I saw it happen in 1983 when the people fought back to wrest their mandate from Omoboriowo. The crowd effect simply took over all over the State leading to killings and massive destruction of the properties of the opposition members.

Don’t let us underrate crowd effect. It can affect anybody. Nothing makes people lose their heads more than it. I was a victim. I went to a polling unit on invitation to resolve a stalemate as an elder in the community. Those favoured by the malpractice did not want me to get to the root of the matter. When it became clear that they had lost their heads, i was advised to leave. So i left.

But they made after my vehicle shouting ole, ole. Others joined along the way shouting that i had stolen the ballot box. On getting to my quarters, my people trooped out to meet force with force after literally carrying me into hiding.


I narrowly escaped being killed. They would have killed me before realizing that i did not touch the ballot box and no box was missing. The guy that turned out to be the ringleader was my own blood, a very close relative. His mother nearly died over the shock or trauma the guy caused him by his role.

So, it is not everybody that takes part in a crowd action that is a thug or an agent of darkness. They are mostly normal people that lost their heads.

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