End SARS, SWAT campaign may lead to war – Afenifere reacts to ban of protests


The Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, on Thursday warned of an implosion in Nigerian which the government may not be able to handle.

Afenifere’s spokesman, Yinka Odumakin issued the warning while condemning the ban on street protests in Abuja by the Federal Capital Territory Authority.

Speaking with Newspot, Odumakin warned that such actions may lead to a serious crisis in Nigeria.

According to Odumakin: “If they are very sensible they should know that such postures can’t resolve this matter now.


“Such postures had brought this issue this far, the matter now is not about SARS but about the highhandedness of government, SARS is just the expression.

“Recall that a few weeks ago, labour was supposed to protest but they bought them off and they sold out thinking that was the end of it but anything can ignite it.

“This is an injury-time for the Nigerian ruling class, they have pushed Nigerians to the edge of the precipice and this thing can explode anytime.

“I have always told people that the fight between chickens can cause serious war in Nigeria, so this is not just about SARS they are only using this as an avenue to express their anger over the governance of Nigeria. And this same thing they are doing, sending thugs after protesters while placing bans on demonstration. They should learn from the Arab springs, just one man set himself ablaze and it became something else.”

On the protests ending in a revolution, Odumakin said: “Well, depending on how they handle it, if they continue with this posture it will get out of hand.

“All these actions those in authority are taking may escalate the crisis and they won’t be able to handle it. The ruling class is so fragile now because people are not happy with them.”

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