Driving your Passion. By Adunke Olatunji


More often than not, we try to be the best in any engagement we get involved. Naturally, there are circumstances where you do not need to push hard before things start falling in place and obvious results showing up. In the same vein, some hard push may barely produce what is not commensurate with the efforts applied. In all of these, there is an inner power or love that keeps pushing to support the success of the tasks. Passion proposes a deep sense of activity; a concentrated ability to want to do more in the face of disappointment

Truth is, once you do what you like definitely, you get engrossed whether the impacts are felt or not, hope will beam the assurance of its fruitfulness because it comes from mind. This is passion defined !

The best way to bring about good result is doing what you are good at, not only good at but also, getting inner encouragement to do more even, while you are exhausted. It simply means you do not need profit to be the driving force but a willing heart and desire to do it for act of satisfaction.

For instance, many people do what they like but not everyone does what satisfies. Some may do it for immediate gain relating to financial, political, and other. The moment the proceeds or expectations are not met , interest in it begins to wane and even more drastically to the detriment and eventually collapse.

When visions are propagated, its fruitfulness is a function of the power that keep reminding the brains behind such idea the purpose for its establishment and so, the unseen power to make it happen. Passion is working tirelessly to bring to conclusion the unquantifiable reason for a vision.


The pains and sufferings are not enough grounds to stop whatever passion is involved thereby, making it a palatable and worthwhile experience no matter how excruciating the bites may seem to hit. Therefore, whoever who must go far should be in passion with the goals set. It can be compared with loving someone without a course.

In conclusion, individuals could be more intentional about purpose while taking the following factors for consideration to activate Passion:
1. Create a personal vision statement. …
2. Uncover your values. …
3. Find your true north. …
4. Make a list of things you love to do. …
5. Assess the things you don’t love. …
6. Acknowledge your strengths and achievements.

Sooner than later, the achievements will be legacies.

Adunke Olatunji

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