Deji Osibogun Appointed As Global Ambassador of the Yoruba Cultural Centre


Otunba Deji Osibogun one of the respected Youruba leaders has added another feather to  his cap as Yoruba Centre in Dallas United States of America  has appointed him as its Global Ambassador.  In a statement signed by Dr Oladele Olusanya President of the body read:

Dear Otunba

“Following our recent discussion, it gives me great pleasure as President of Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas Inc, to make you the Global Ambassador for our organization. This unique appointment is based on your standing in the global Yoruba community and your personal skills and first class accomplishments in many fields of human endeavor. By virtue of this position, you will be able to take the Yoruba Cultural Center to greater heights of performance and recognition in its sacred mission to promote the language, history, arts and culture of our Yoruba people worldwide.

By virtue of this position,

You have a mandate to contact any person or group including social, business and  government body anywhere in the world, to become partners, affiliates, donors, sponsors and patrons of the Yoruba Cultural Center on a general basis or for any of its specific events and programs.


You will help us contact and mobilize highly placed persons, dignitaries, royal personages and high government officials in Yorubaland to support the Yoruba Cultural Center

And use your personal, social, business and media connections and platforms to publicize and promote the Yoruba Cultural Center and its activities and programs.


Dr. Oladele Olusanya,

President, Yoruba Cultural Center

Cell +1-214-704-3241, Email


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