Commemorating 60th Independence Anniversary In Nigeria By Mashood Erubami


Since October 1, 1960 when Nigeria was said to have been granted her governmental freedom, different challenges have followed her self rule because the freedom was devoid of political, social, economic and cultural independence, some specific challenges  have been spreading along with distasteful effects such as weak leadership, Electoral maleficence, bad financial management, Insecurity, Corruption, dwindling economy, Poverty, Hunger, unemployment and lately the sudden ravaging Covid-19 pandemic which met Nigeria in a deteriorating state !


As the Country is commemorating her  60th anniversary of the “freedom day”, a lot still needs to be done to lift Nigerians up above poverty !



The government must begin  reflecting soberly, not because there is nothing worth celebrating about Nigeria at this age of its physical disabilities, but because there are many old faults and consequential  shortfalls that  must be fixed starting from sincere reconsideration of  diverse contributions from Nigerians from different tables if thoughts outside government,  with depth, along with arrays of  solutions on how best to remake Nigeria.




The Country seems to be crawling  into Nationhood with bags of insecurity, economic downturns and growing habits of corruption in the public service and political terrains.


The Country 60 year’s independence  is not yet a bed of roses.

The Country is yet to be placed on the tripod of sincere Unity, Justice, and Human Rights Prosperity.


The  vision of those who fought for  the country’s independence is yet to be fulfilled.where the  labour of its heroes past  shall not be in vain.


Corruption instead of abating is further empowering  the Corrupts to fight back through the indulgence  of some Judicial officers and lawyers who have become undisguised goalkeepers in the corruption field of play.




At 60 years of Independence and five years of President Buhari in office, the political space for real change must by  now, be widened to expand the range of Voices especially from the critical sector to make the government inclusive in its operations. Most manifesto policies of the APC  government should be sold to the people, enable them to buy into them, join hands in driving them, so that the outcomes could be owned by the people.


To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence,  there is need to reset  the Nigeria agenda, which  must entail  the convocation of an emergency ‘State of the Nation meeting’ as all other large encounters especially  in this  COVID-19 age, which must connect  participants from across the sectors, I.e. faith based congregations, Ethnic Nationalities, Youth generation, Gender consideration, Civil Society/ Human Rights, Professional Associations, Politicians from all recognised Political  Parties, Intellectuals and their Unions, Labour innovatively  via video/zoom.

Recommendations from the state of the nation meeting should be used to raise the country from its crawling state, put its act together to give  them better and qualitative education, sound health, good physical infrastructures, clean up the degraded environment in the Niger Delta, Construct good durable roads across the Country, build Modern Railways and procure Modern Buses to convey Commuters to and fro works and pay its workers the best wages not only that  can take them home but feed and clothe their family and meet other basic needs.  


The meeting should not be mischievously construed to mean an attempt to hijack governance from the ruling government since government is for the people, it  must be convened at the initiative of the government in collaboration with several Groups to allow  ranges of voices to be heard on the challenges facing Nigeria as a significant  element of the next level re- strategization methods.


A peoples driven committee should be set up  to synthesize appropriate and necessary, sensible and  implementable  suggestions from  individuals, organizations or institutions on the issues under consideration”.


Messages  to Government and Nigerians on this occasion of the 60th Independence anniversary?


1. On economic recession


President is expected to make Nigerians to start enjoying renewed economic life, acquire a stronger capacity  to pay their children’s school fees, for others to afford the high cost of food, fuel, electricity tariffs, transportation locally and outside the country and  win the war against joblessness.


2. On security


Visible progress should be seen in the fight against  insecurity and not to be recycling its incidence.

Government should continue to encourage the  the patriotic Fighters in the war front with proper welfare, equipped them with modern arms and appropriate ammunitions to prosecute the war


3. On Niger Delta militancy


Government must continue to encourage constructive dialogue and  use acceptable policy measures to stabilize  the peaceful coexistence prevailing in the Niger Delta region to prevent the resurgence of new crimes that could challenge the authority of the Federal Government.


4. On corruption


Post  2015, cases of corruption filed against the politically exposed are being compromised by the EFCC, ICPC, Police and a section of the Judiciary ,  using wrong charges that are easily knocked down  by lawyers who revel in making money through corruption fight backs.

Corruption impunity must be confronted without minding whose org  is gored  to not only support the ease of doing business by restoring the health of the business atmosphere and free our enormous resources for urgent socio-economic development fighting all corruption fight backs on the template of rule of law and human rights.

Government must stand firm against perpetrators of all unethical practices, step on the toes of their supporters and also crush their legs.


5. On restructuring the economy


 Government must make it clear to the people through understandings that restructuring the economy and divisiving its courses are not tea party or easy but surmountable. The repetitive repairs and maintenance of the Country’s refineries must be subjected to serious accountability tests and anybody found to be behind their not working and wasting if the scarce resources of the country should be brought to trial and handed appropriate heavy penalty in accordance with the law.

The Electricity and subsidy investigations in the Senate and the House of Representatives should be revived and concluded. Those who are found culpable should be treated appropriately judicially.

Nigerians will be happy with the government if those who are stealing their resources are made scape goats before them and made to account for their evil deeds.


6. On power generation

Nothing encouraging is coming from the Electrics sector, Nigerians  are still not enjoying regular supply of electricity for more than half a day,  yet at  very high costs. Provision of critical infrastructures of power has not led to improved power supply, yet all threats from the Minister of Power to bring the Discos to function seems to have been bought off the shelf’s. The exposed financial incapacities of the DISCOS are being covered by government refinancing even when corruption has been very visible.

Government should sincerely come up with promised projects utilizing alternate technologies such as hydro, wind, and solar to contribute to our energy mix, the Mambilla Hydro project which has suffered inexplicable years of delay should be made visibly working to produce one thousand two hundred megawatts of solar electricity for the country.  


The Media  should rise from their slumber to  assume their historic roles of  setting agenda for the government instead of  allying with the selfish agenda of opposition  to castigate everything that the ruling government is doing without reservation.


To Nigerians


Notwithstanding the hollow situations that Nigerians are found to be living in, they must not  despair, there is hope for a better tomorrow because the Country  will still be great !

As a first action step towards that greatness, Nigerians should join the train of the progressive movement for change, failure which Nigeria may relapse into the hands of those who in the past years misdirected the affairs of the Nation and ruined its  economy through cluelessness and political indiscretion.


It might take long  years to get another “Mr Integrity” in the character of President Buhari who has no girls and lady friends to service, who will close his eyes to the riches  in the oil sector and refuse to use the wealth of the Nation to enrich his friends and blood and political families at the expense of impoverished masses, those who will not be adamant to sell the  Nation’s Properties and sharing dollars to sway voters to vote for non qualified political office holders  at all costs to buy justice.


Nigerians should  turn  into strong Vanguard against corruption inpunities and assume their historical responsibilities for good governance to move Nigeria from poverty to prosperity, expose

Masterminds,  Perpetrators of unethical practices in all known areas, particularly leaking the   hiding abodes of  Boko Haram insurgents and exposing the planned atrocities of Kidnappers, Armed Robbers and Bandits.

Comrade Mashood Erubami


NIGERIA VOTERS ASSEMBLY (VOTAS) and Executive Director Centre For Human Rights and Ethics in Development (CHRED)

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