Comedian Baba de Baba Tackles Princess Over Baba Ijesha’s case


Nigerian comedian Baba de Baba has taken to social media to tackle Princess over Baba Ijesha’s rape allegations.

This comes after Comedian Princess exposed popular Yoruba actor Baba Ijesha in an emotional video for raping her foster daughter, a 14-years -old girl.

Reacting to the video, Comedian Baba de Baba, via his Instagram, posed a question inquiring from the female comedian what she aimed to achieved planting a CCTV to make her foster daughter relive the trauma she experienced 7 years ago.

Read his post below;


‘When I heard i fixed CCTV, I knew nothing would come out of the case. I am not here to defend rape, but lest say the truth the way it is. She claimed the child has been doing badly in academics due to the rape trauma since she was 7, and there was no police report.

Now she is 14, and you want to catch the rapist red-handed by setting up a CCTV camera and inviting him over to rape the child again so that the trauma will damage her brain finally and she wont know to book again for life because na the first rape make the pikin dull for school.

If you mention ”CCTV”, you want to show us penetration, sucking, and pressing of the breast since it’s a rape case. When she refused to release the footage saying ”Do you people want to watch porn,” i knew there was nothing in the footage. My reason is that she claimed he invited him over to catch him rape the girl, and I knew she wouldn’t have the patient wait longer for him to finger the girl, let alone inserting his thing; hence there will be no evidence.. How did she plan it with her? Did she tell her, ” I am inviting Baba ijesha to come and rape you again. Make sure you sit around because there is where the CCTV is covering and allowing in rape you well so that we can have evidence? All these feminists and their rape drama sef.. That was how one man told us he married his wife as a virgin and later told us a pastor raped his wife three times before he married her as a virgin. I know the law is not a feminist neither is it sentimental.”


Source: Newspot

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