Channels TV: Gov. Ortom a shinning light, an inspiration for ethnic nationalities – CREN Director, Dikwa


The Director-General, Centre on Religious and Ethnicity in Nigeria (CREN), Rev Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa has described Governor Samuel Ortom as a shinning light and an inspiration for ethnic nationalities in the face of what he called “murderous attacks against vulnerable communities and innocent Nigerians by bloodthirsty killer herdsmen” in the country.

According to him, unlike some politicians that preferred to speak in the language of political correctness, Governor Ortom has called attention to the rising spates of insecurity, and alerting both Nigeria and international community on the planned Islamisation of the country.

In a statement Rev. Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa issued and made available to Newspot on what he called “outrageous response by the presidency over an interview granted to Channels television by Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State”, he said, “After perusing the entire content of the response as signed by the presidential spokesman, Mallam Garba Shehu, it is obvious that the former President of the Nigeria Guild of Editors (NGE) came short of a rational response on the many issues raised by the governor.”

He added, “In the 21st Century that is technologically driven with facts and new ways of doing things, it is sad that the Buhari presidency is saddling the nation with the painful task of returning Nigeria back to the past. Those who seek to return our nation to its past are not Nigerians but foreigners who are resolved to stultify the growth of our country. Mallam Shehu’s response rings as the oranting of a foreigner that is committed to the enthronement of falsehood for personal gains. Little wonder there are speculations that the presidential spokesman is not a Nigerian but a Nigerien claiming to come from Kano.”

The clergyman noted that for Shehu was condemning Governor Ortom who is never weary of resisting the planned subjugation of the nation’s ethnic minorities by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, adding that any patriotic Nigerian desirous of the progress for the country cannot but resist and condemn current efforts aimed at the planned review of grazing reserves and routes as approved by President Buhari.

He explained, “In the face of murderous attacks against vulnerable communities and innocent Nigerians by bloodthirsty killer herdsmen, Governor Ortom remains a shining light and an inspiration for ethnic nationalities. Unlike some politicians that prefer to speak in the language of political correctness, the governor has called attention to the rising spates of insecurity, and alerting both Nigeria and the international community on the planned Islamisation of the country.”

Rev. Dikwa stated that when governor Ortom declared that President Buhari may be pursuing a Fulanisation agenda, in other words, he was accusing the president of using the instruments of state to promote and enthrone the Fulani ethnic group over others, stressing that the actions and inactions of the presidency clearly demonstrated that the Buhari-led government had adopted the Fulani people as the favoured group out of Nigeria’s over 350 tribes.


According to him, “Many incidents in many states lend credence to governor Ortom’s assertion that the present administration is working towards enthroning the Fulanisation agenda in the country. Despite the recent killing of over 100 persons in Irigwe communities in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, security agents pretended and looked the other way. However, when on August 14, 2021, some outlaws murdered 25 travellers in Jos, the police quickly identified the perpetrators with a promise to bring them to justice.”

He observed that “this quick identification of the killers of the travellers came on the trail of several weeks of attacks carried on vulnerable communities in Kaduna, Benue and Plateau, with security agencies doing nothing to arrest the culprits, pointing out that Governor Ortom, by his boldness and fearless disposition, has identified the crux of the problem ravaging the nation, it is a fact that only non-Nigerians would be unhappy with the interview granted by Benue governor.”

The Centre, however, recalled many instances when the Fulani unleashed mayhem on communities and nothing was done to bring them to book, saying from Adamawa to Kaduna, Plateau to Niger, the Fulani ethnic group had become the favoured and shield from any form of investigation arising from their participation in terror-related activities.

“We challenge the presidential spokesman to contradict this fact and prove us wrong.

“It amounts to moral debauchery for Shehu to accuse Governor Ortom of changing political platform when he was also a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Does changing party platforms relegates the principled nature of politicians? If so, then Mr. Shehu remains someone that should not be taken seriously.

“It is clear that no matter how Shehu attempts to cover the truth as told by Dr Ortom, he can only deceive himself and make mockery of the truth. Alleging that Ortom’s interview was capable of igniting genocidal attacks on the Fulani is a blatant falsehood. The disposition of the government as shown in its lackluster disposition to combat these attacks has the capacity to ignite violence against the Fulani in the nearby future,” he said.

The statement explained that Ortom was not a man of violence but someone who supports harmony and unity of Nigerian citizens, emphasising that those who support killer herdsmen were not Nigerians but foreigners that were committed to the destruction of the nation.

“Such pestilence must be avoided for our nation’s common good,” Dikwa stressed.

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