Challenges: A Driving Force To Success By Adunke Olatunji



Challenges are the driving force behind living a victorious life. Anyone who is not ready to embrace challenges and obstacles can rightly be said to be unprepared to succeed. Successful people believe that challenges are stepping stones to living their best life. They realize success does not come easy.

Success has principles. Knowing what they are and their application will help you radically transform your life so that you can become the best you can.

The principles that govern success are very many; only the above-mentioned is considered here.

Successful people believe that challenges are stepping stones to living their best life. They realize success does not come easy. They see them as opportunities to reach greater heights and manifest an abundant life.

Every person who has achieved success has experienced challenges. However with optimism, patience, determination and perseverance, they took the necessary steps to overcome the challenges before going on to succeed.

The road to success is often an uphill one requiring great effort and stamina. Ask those who climb mountains and reach the top successfully; they neutralized their fears, took risks and ventured from the known to the unknown. Scott Anderson noted: “In life, everything we do that has a reward to it also involves some risk. There is no reward without risk.”


Challenges happen to test your character. Would you advance or retreat in the face of obstacles? Would you give up or resolve to succeed?

Instead of complaining about challenges and roadblocks, take in the wisdom seeds of Anthony Robbins who commented: “The path to success is to take massive determined action.” Challenges come to toughen you not to break you down. From this moment forward, begin to view your challenges as opportunities to reach higher heights and manifest your dream life

Most people moan and groan when they face obstacles. They complain and blame everything and everybody save themselves. Successful people know that challenges are a part of the journey to the world of success. They, therefore, keep striving until they achieve their goals.

Experience shows that we become failures when we give up. When we are driven by brutal determination and persistence, chances are that we will succeed.

Your success journey will have speed bumps; call them roadblocks if you like. You need courage and perseverance to overcome such obstacles to reach your success zone. You don’t wait for opportunity drop in; you go out there to create it. The latter will empower you to succeed.

©️ Adunke Olatunji

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