Cassidy Hutchinson- A cut above the rest in linking Donald Trump to the crimes and finally nailing him.By Wumi Akintide



25 year old Cassidy Hutchinson & Liz Cheney stand out as patriotic Republicans who were loyal to America and not to the outlaw repeat criminal that Donald Trump has become.

Most Americans are stunned by the power, the candor, the bravery and the fidelity to the truth and the credibility of the young lady’s testimonies to the Committee. It is the game changer far more deadly than any legal jeopardy and exposure Donald Trump has faced in his life.

The Vice Chairman Liz Cheney has put her political career on the line to do the right thing and to finally hold Donald Trump accountable for all his crimes against America and against Humanity. Liz Cheney is a future presidential material and those in Wyoming who are already predicting his obituary in Politics just don’t know what they are talking about. The whole nation would not know the value of Liz Cheney and Kizzinger the two Republicans to put the country and their oath to the Constitution over and above their loyalty to an outlaw Mafia Boss. Liz Cheney should resign from the Republican Party and run as an Independent. I can assure that she would win handily.

The day Donald Trump and some of his partners-in- crimes are led away in handcuffs to be interrogated is the day the whole country would come to fully appreciate the January 6 committee and individuals like Liz Cheney and Kizzinger.


One has to feel sorry for America because DonaldvTrump has already politicized the Supreme Court, the last hope of the common man to get justice in America. The Mafia Boss knew what he was doing when he and Mitch McConnell damned all the consequences to give the Republicans a 6 to 3 majority in the Supreme Court thru subterfuge. One of the greatest legacies they attributed to Trump is his packing the Supreme Court to his and their own benefit. He intentionally packed the Federal Courts because he knew he would need the Courts to keep himself in power, win or lose. He nearly succeeded but Nemesis has eventually caught up with him.

The Republicans overlook all of the crimes he has committed and they refuse to convict him for all of those crimes but his staging a Coup is one that he cannot escape,especially now that he is out of office and subject to criminal prosecution like the rest of us.

It is partly because of Trump that only 25 percent of Americans now trust the Supreme Court to do justice.

It is a sad day for the Rule of Law in America when the Supreme Court in now viewed as lacking integrity and legitimacy and when the Court is totally out of step with where the mainstream of American society is.

The Supreme Court has just given a 6 to 3 ruling that the Department of Environment can no longer regulate the environment. It is a crazy ruling to say the least both in Law and common sense. That is how bastardized and partisan the Supreme Court has become on most issues to the general public.

You can put all of the blame for these anomalies on the door step of the naked Emperor who lost the popular vote by 3 million in 2016 and by more than 7 million in 2020 but he still tried to steal the election and to keep himself in office.

He had tried everything in the book to steal the election but when all that failed, he clandestinely sponsored a Coup on the Capitol to hang his VP and to murder the Speaker of the House just to make peaceful transfer of power impossible.

As we speak, Donald Trump and his collaborators are still actively committing witness tampering and intimidation by paying for lawyers appearing for witnesses and putting pressure on witnesses not to testify truthfully.

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