CAF Presidency: Pinnick, The Man To Salvage African Football


By Tosin Omojola (newspot)

Four years have gone, and the race to occupy the exalted seat of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) President has begun.

Incumbent president Ahmad Ahmad, who was enthroned four years ago, has declared his interest in recontesting as he eyes a second term in office.

The man from Madagascar has had his reign in the last four years enveloped in crises, ranging from maladministration to corruption, while the whole house of CAF under him has been divided.

All these notwithstanding, the Malagasy believes he can still weather the storm to retain the seat.


However, such dream looked so tall, considering the body language of major forces in the administration of African football.

Almost all the big guns are against Ahmad’s return. They have therefore ventured into the search for a better candidate, who they opined, would give the continent football governing body the leadership it deserved.

After making a thorough search, they seem to have settled for Nigeria’s, Amaju Melvin Pinnick, who currently oversees the affairs of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

Pinnick, once an ally of Ahmad, is being tipped to take over the leadership of CAF with the belief that he would right the wrong of the Malagasy, who he (Piinnick) and other eminent football administrators in the continent fought tooth and nail to enthrone.

Prior to Ahmad’s emergence as the CAF president, Pinnick and the rest had a tough and rough time, pushing the Malagasy forward against a more established Issah Hayattou of Camerooun who had being in power for 29 years.

When Ahmad came out to declare his readiness to face the Camerounian, the like of Pinnick stood up, took the bull by the horns and sttod in the forefront, battling hard to ensure the desired change in CAF was achieved.

So in March in March 2017, the long awaited change came, Ahmad Ahmad became the CAF boss, ending the 29 year reign of Hayattou.

That was to be the beginning of a new order in African football administration, far from what the continent was getting prior to that time.

However, with the four years just less than few months to climax, Africans are already yearning from a change and all fingers seem to be at the direction. of Amaju Pinnick.

According to, the Malagasy has fallen short of what was expected of him. He has failed to live up to the expected change Africans wanted.

“The new order had promised proper change in the administration of football in Africa, transparency in financial affairs, and a four-year spell that will guarantee real development and collective and inclusive leadership in the continent, we all felt we were on for a good one.

“We have had a four years that is a far cry from what we wanted.

“The promise of development, progress, financial transparency and inclusivity remained a pipe dream, and although it was what we asked for, it was certainly far from what we got”.

The current CAF president, has been accussed of throwing loyalty into the dust bin, with the likes of Kwesi Nyantakyi (Ghana), Musa Billty (Liberia), Philip Chiyangwa (Zimbabwe), Amaju Pinnick (Nigeria) and Suleiman Waberi (Djibouti), who all worked together to bring him on board schemed out if reckoning.

These men, alongside others have been stabbed in the back while most of the personnel now working with him were those singing the praise of the detroned Cameounian, daring anybody to face him.

His second vice president is a Cameroonian who chain smoked and head butted his way to prominence while his third vice president is a sneaky South African.

Ahmad has also faiiled to put racism to a halt in CAF as most of the appointment in CAF’s position of authority are said to be directed towards the white with the blacks forced to the back seat.

With all these sins and more, Africans are clamouring for a change of guard at the CAF headquarters and the Nigerian football boss is adjuged to be the best man for the job.

“Pinnick is a Nigerian and Nigeria is a major force in African football”, according to

With the ccontinent hoping for a “change, another four years, a new four years, four years of growth, of peace, and one that will ensure that African football’s slide towards financial, intellectual and ethical bankruptcy will stop and we can move upward again”, a man of Pinnick’s calber is needed to bring those dreams to realty.

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