Black History Month: Black British icons who deserve TV shows and films


Black British figures

There are many prominent Black British figures who deserve to have their stories told on the big – and small – screens (Pictures: Getty)

When it comes to Black British history, it’s no secret that the education in this area is lacking across the UK. 

Over the past year, calls have only mounted for Black British history to be taught in schools so the younger generation have the chance to learn about the forgotten heroes who are of colour that many adults weren’t introduced to in the classroom. 

In July 2020, a report by The Guardian found that only 11% of pupils taking their GCSEs were studying modules that refer to Black people’s contribution to Britain. 

The exclusion extends beyond the classroom with TV and film minimally focusing on those people of colour who have made an impact on British society and culture. 

Earlier this year, Shonda Rhimes demonstrated how easy it can be to incorporate Black characters into a period drama, through her Netflix hit Bridgerton. It even included loose historically factual elements such as the real life mixed race Queen Charlotte. 

Therefore it can be done. 

With that in mind, as Black History Month gets underway in the UK, here are just some of the prominent Black British figures who deserve to have their biopics in TV and film. 

Young black schoolboy wearing school uniform sitting at a desk in an infant school classroom drawing, close up, side view

There are calls for schools to teach children about Black British history (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)


Speaking of Bridgerton… 

Many of us spent weeks learning about King Henry VIII and his six wives and even Cluster’s Last Stand, but how much time was spent educating us about our very own Queen Charlotte? 

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was Queen of Great Britain and Queen of Ireland through her marriage to King George III. She later became Queen of the United Kingdom until her death in 1818. 

Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte is now widely regarded as Britain’s first Black queen (Picture: Getty Images)

However, there’s more to Queen Charlotte’s story as she is now widely regarded as Britain’s first Black Queen. 

Historian Mario de Valdes y Cocom argues that her facial features were typically African in nature, but were altered to appear more European in portraits. 

Many have even claimed that her skin complexion was lightened in the portraits. 

It’s said that Charlotte was a direct descendent of a Black branch of the Portuguese royal family, as well as German. 


Florence Nightingale’s heroic efforts during the Crimean War have been well cemented in history, but the same can’t be said for Mary Seacole. 

Seacole was a pioneering nurse and also a heroine of the Crimean War. She provided food and medicine for all and tended to the injured. There are also reports of her tending to the wounded while under fire from the enemy. 

Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole is a hero of the Crimean War (Picture: Getty Images)

After the Crimean War, Seacole was declared bankrupt and lived at 14 Soho Square where she now has a blue plaque. 

Her bravery should absolutely be told on the big screen and it may be on the horizon, as it was reported last year that The Morning Show actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw has signed up for a role in an upcoming biopic. 


Walter Tull is the definition of a hero after giving up his career as a professional footballer to become a soldier during World War One. 

Born in Kent in 1888, Tull came from a mixed race family and was moved to an orphanage in East London when his father died and his stepmother was unable to look after him and his brother Edward. 

He soon followed his childhood passion for football and went on to play for Tottenham Hotspurs. However, his football career came to a halt as the sport was suspended until after WWI. 

Walter Tull

Walter Tull was the first Black man to lead white soldiers in war (Picture: Getty Images)

Tull then joined the Football Battalion where he was quickly promoted to the rank of Sergeant. 

When he moved back to England in 1916, Tull began training as an Officer at a time when only white British-born people could train for the role. 

He then became the first Black man to lead white soldiers in battle. 

In 1918, Tull led an attack on German trenches but was killed as they crossed No Man’s Land. His body was never found. 

A road in Northampton, Walter Tull Way, was named after him. 


Before the pandemic hit, many of us would flock over to Notting Hill and its surrounding streets to enjoy music, food and the floats of West London’s annual carnival. 

However, the woman behind Europe’s biggest street party may be a forgotten name to some. 

Claudia Jones founded Notting Hill Carnival in 1959 to help uplift Black British communities following violent riots which broke out in the area the previous year. 

Claudia Jones

Claudia Jones founded Notting Hill Carnival and had a colourful life (Picture: Getty Images)

Jones was born in Trinidad but was exiled to the UK from the US in 1955 after she became an active member of the American Communist Party. 

Once here, she continued her fight against racial inequality and eventually launched the West Indian Gazette, Britain’s first commercial newspaper. 

Jones died on Christmas Eve in 1964 at the age of 49 following a heart attack. 


Smiley Culture, real name David Victor Emmanuel, was one of the UK’s most successful reggae stars of the 1980s and his legacy is still alive within the genre today. 

The musician was best known for the 1984 single Cockney Translation and its follow-up Police Officer. 

However, his success was overshadowed by legal issues in the later years of his life. 

Smiley Culture

Smiley Culture is one of the UK’s most successful reggae artists (Picture: Getty Images)

In 2010, Smiley was arrested and charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine. His trial was due to start on March 21, 2011. 

Six days prior, the musician died from a self-inflicted stab wound as police searched his house in Surrey. His death was shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories as it emerged that Smiley died more than an hour into the police search. 

The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigated Smiley’s death but they returned a verdict of suicide and stated the did not find any criminal conduct by the officers or any misconduct. 


A curveball with more of a modern figure, but an icon nonetheless. 

Rosaline Jones is Britain’s longest-serving Black female firefighter

Rosalie Jones is Britain’s longest-serving Black female firefighter and retired in March this year after 30 years with Lewisham Fire Brigade. 

She joined in 1989 aged 22 after a chance meeting with a firefighter, who was doing some decorating work for her, convinced her that she had what it took. At the time, she was busy working at a software company and as a single mother of two daughters.

Discussing the challenges of being a black female firefighter Rosalie told MyLondon: ‘It’s tough. I have experienced the feeling that all eyes were on me; like every decision and act was scrutinised until I gained the respect and trust of others. I had to work twice as hard.

‘I enjoyed the challenge most times.’

During her career, she co-founded the Brigade for Black and Ethnic Minority.

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Black History Month

October marks Black History Month, which reflects on the achievements, cultures and contributions of black people in the UK and across the globe, as well as educating others about the diverse history of those from African and Caribbean descent.

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