Babachir’s Interview : Support Tinubu For 2023 Presidential Election By Alafe Aluko

The loyalists say a day can be like eternity in Nigeria politics.Dr Peter Odili can attest to that from his experience at the 2007 PDP Presidential convention at the Eagle square in Abuja.48 hours to the event he was the golden boy,star aspirant,the man to beat,the governor with the deep pocket and Baba’s anointed.24 hrs to the convention rumors started filtering out that Odili has been jettisoned and Governor YarAdua Of Katsina state is now Baba’s choice.

At times politics can be devastating and cruel.Dr Odili was not even considered as the Vice Presidential candidate.Odili’s loss was Jonathan’s gain.Since that incident he has recoiled into his shell.That was an ambition that took years of planning,nurturing and financing only to be torpedoed a few hours to reality.

Babachir Lawal ex secretary to the government of the Federation ,unrepentant and unapologetic Tinubu boy has thrown a kite.ln an interview he granted the Sunday Punch stated that APC will incur God’s wrath if Tinubu is not allowed to contest in 2023.l am sure no political party wants to experience that.He has attributed Buhari ‘s nomination as APC’s candidate and eventually winning at the polls to Tinubu’s political engineering skills and wizardry.He is of the opinion that it’s now pay back time.l have scratched your back,it’s now your turn to scratch mine.Babachir is now a leading advocate of North/South zoning.

Though not in our constitution or legally binding but built on some unwritten fundamental understanding.It is a critical component for the peace and unity of Nigeria.He also emphasized on religious balancing.Implying a Muslim/Christian joint ticket.This might be a potential nightmare for any Muslim candidate from the South.Unfortunately our political landscape is now divided along ethnic,religious,regional and some other primordial sentiments.Gone are the days of Abiola/Kingibe,Bola lge/SM Afolabi,Jakande/Jafojo.Then merit and competence took a front seat not religious leanings.Those days are far gone but not forgotten.Quite nostalgic.


They were committed leaders and politicians.Not the ravenous,unmitigated treasury fleecers and looters that now pollute our political climate.Today if you don’t balance religiously hell will be let loose.

Babachir also narrated that if the South South,South East and South West agree to vote for one party like the North West that party will be home and dry.Sadly this might be wishful thinking.Judging from the last general elections the South South and South East predominantly voted for the PDP.ln the SW ,PDP won the presidential elections in Oyo and Ondo states and lost with just 10000 votes in Osun. The dynamics has changed.Buhari is not constitutionally eligible for election in 2023.Yet to see which of the touted presidential hopefuls that can command 12m block votes from either of the 2 major parties.

Though more than 30 months away the game is intensifying from both parties.Frontline politicians are crisscrossing the country visiting,strategizing and seeking the advice of elders,leaders and opinion moulders.Aminu Tambuwal ex speaker of the House of Representatives and current governor of Sokoto last Saturday visited our dear Baba at his presidential library complex in Abeokuta.He has also visited Senator David Mark and General TY Danjuma.

One cannot put it pass the process of consultation as his name is in the air as a possible presidential aspirant on the platform of PDP.Governor Wike of Rivers state has stated that zoning is not for the opposition parties.An opposition party’s main aim is how to win elections.To him zoning is for the party in power. It means competence,merit and who can deliver the votes is PDP’s priority.After all democracy is a game of numbers.From the look of things PDP might be looking North for it’s presidential candidate.

If the rumor mills are to be believed he will have to contend with former Governor of Kano state Rabin Kwankwaso and former Vice President and the 2019 presidential candidate of PDP Atiku Abubakar.That sounds like a North West and North contest.With the twists,turns and uncertainty in our system coupled with the clamor for restructuring getting louder by the day.There are definitely more interesting and intriguing days ahead.Chief Femi Alafe-Aluko


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