ASUU is Behaving Like a Spoilt Brat By Muda Ganiyu



Muda Ganiyu
Former Editor, Nigerian Tribune

Truth be told, ASUU is behaving like a spoilt brat. I agree in toto with the writer above. In the US, there are state universities and the tuition is low for in-state students and higher for out-of-state students. Foreign students pay much more. The universities don’t depend entirely on government grant. So, our public university administrators must get creative.

Moreover, the rot in our public universities is not majorly the fault of the Federal Government. In the US, results of students’ examinations are released the day after they finished writing their exams, or at most two days after, and graduation/convocation is held for graduating students within a week. What happens here with our public universities? It takes one year for a semester’s results to be released. Is that the fault of the government? Some lecturers will miss class for the better part of a semester only to rush the hapless students within four weeks to exams. Is that the fault of the government?

All public universities get TETFUND in addition to their regular monthly subventions. It’s the individual universities who choose the project they want and they’re given the money to execute the projects. Once the project is done, the universities can apply for another project. So, if they complain about lack of laboratory equipment, whose fault is it if they did not ask for that instead of white elephant buildings. Private universities that don’t get TETFUND grants still have good laboratories.


The long and short of it is that our public universities need to get creative and stop behaving like spoilt brats. The most annoying part is that having not worked for six months now or for however long it will take them to resume work, they will still insist they must be paid for the work they did not do. Who does that? Where in the modern world do employees dictate to their employer what to pay them when your employer says this is what I can afford?

If you want more pay, you’ve to work for it by making more money for your employer. ASUU should stop killing our universities.

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