Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; Why Nah…Baba why?”– Akin Adeyi Asks


*Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; why nah…Baba why?”*

Yes, why always him? Why has he always failed us in our time of our sorrows, stress and strains? Why did he choose this time to destroy with his own mouth his hard earned reputations and relevance? Why is it that he will be working maybe talking to earn more enemies for himself? Why? Baba, Why?

Those are some of the questions that the people, among whom are even his own fans, are asking.


Tinubu, why is it that it is at any time the image laundry and propaganda strategy he worked and paid so much for is about to achieve for him the desired result that he will always come out to bomb it with his own hands, people have asked.

At this time, Baba Tinubu no doubt have lost his rightful place in the hearts of not a few of his followers. His recent coming out yesterday to add salt to injury during a visit to Governor Sanwolu of Lagos State made his cookies to finally crumbled. It is to such that some are asking; Efun ni abi eedi? Asaasi ni abi epe? Why has the most referred Jagaban lost it to this extent and allowed for himself to suddenly become the proverbial ever controversial “afo’keemu”. Ikeemu, sake those who may not know is a common calabash cup that was always permanently placed on top of a big pot usually kept in a cool corner of a home in those old days. The big pot commonly known as “amu” used to be the family own version of today’s water dispenser. The water inside amu can be amazingly chiled and in a sharp contrast to the outside weather temperature. Only one cup that is conspicuously placed on top of the amu is allowed for the entire family use whenever they may be thirsty and in need of water to drink from the family pot. It is good i leave you to guess what magnitude of controversies, condemnation, hate and criticisms will trail for someone who may be so unfortunate to break such an important family cup whether by his omission or commission. The person, no doubt, becomes instant enemies to the whole family.

This scenario explains better what is fast becoming of our own Bola Tinubu. Like the MTN popular slogan; “Everywhere you go” Everywhere the former Lagos State governor goes controversies trail him. Avoidable controversies o.

His remark on Governor Gboyega Oyetola during the last governorship campaign at the Ataoja of Osogbo palace took not a mean chunk of votes away from the APC in that elections.
Ondo people got their own bitter taste of his caustic tongue when he commented on the slain Mrs Olakunrin, Pa Fasoranti’s daughter. Edo people refused to take shit from him. The latest in his needless attraction of hate to himself was when he said the dead and the injured of the Lekki untoward incident will have to answer questions. That could be very unfair for a statesman’s comment. Hardly had the dust raised by this harsh comment settled down that Baba Tinubu fired another salvo, this time to destroy completely whatever may have been the gains of his well crafted telephone interview with a Channel Television Correspondent. Tinubu had during last week, maybe on the eve of attack against his properties in Lagos granted a heart moving telephone interview which went viral. In the interview he spoke well. His responses to questions by the journalist was mature and laden with emotions that befits the then mood of the nation. Not a few citizens forgave him after listening to the beautiful interview.

But what followed almost immediately is capable of making one think we have two Tinubus in one person?

An obviously exited Tinubu surfaced from nowhere at the Lagos State Government House. The supposed father of all in Lagos State who is expected to be the chief mourner of the unfortunate time in which the state he ruled before for eight years as governor has lately found itself had all the time on cameras to flaunt his son Sheyi when he said; this is Sheyi my son whom they said was kidnapped.
“They say my son Sheyi was kidnapped…chased in London…(laughter) Look at him, he is here with me” (He stretched out his hand to draw his own dear son closer so batteries of cameras can pick him).

Much as I may not want to agree with Tinubu’s haters who alleged that he did this to mock the dead youth protesters and their parents yet, I do not also support the “happenstance” which in my own view is capable of refreshing the citizens angers against him. No.The Senator shouldn’t have chosen this time of some other parents grieving to flaunt his own son. He should have concealed his excitement at the Sanwolu’s occupied government house. Where necessary he should have simply informed that his son was never kidnapped. The excitement and laughter displayed was unnecessary.

Besides, his argument in the interview on his still being a Lagosian also the Asiwaju and the Jagaban were completely unnecessary and quite hurting to the mood of Nigerians especially Lagosians at this time. The question to ask will be on whether anybody is in contention with him over those titles and if there were any the question will be; of what relevance was that to a simple question the journalists asked him on his whereabouts over time past?

That a supposed generalisimo in all of the messes and tribulations in which the people he claims to be leading have lately found themselves has vamoosed shouldn’t be a palatable story for the leader.

Another one that his critics have pointed out as addition was in the conspicuous inconsistencies às contained in his claims on his location at the peak of the crisis.

Whereas, Tinubu had concured to Deji, the journalist during the leaked telephone interview that he was in France but only for him to insist in another interview on a few days after and to some journalists among whom was this same Deji that he didn’t go anywhere. This contradictions has not in anyways helped his dwindling integrity and respect as far as his critics are concerned. “Elders and leaders do not tell lies” they insisted.

In truth, the holders of title of generalisimo which his Asiwaju title depicts and which he so much cherished don’t ever abandon his soldiers and disappear from the battlefield when the war is fierce but only for him to come out of his hiding when the dust of battle is settled and begin to brag that he remains their generalisimo. One hiphop musician summed it up when he sang; enu o se..enu o se, ariwo ko ni music. Succintly put, Asiwaju title is never by mere mouthing. It is a leadership position title that requires leading in the true meaning of the word. We want to see our own Asiwaju demonstrate this henceforth. Let the Senator husband to a senator never run away and abandon us again in our times of tribulations but only to resurface and begin to mock us openly, the people warned. His run into self exile during NADECO days can be understood but not again at this time.

Finally, this one goes to our Nigerian journalists, learn on where and when to laugh during your course of duty. The sheepish laughter those of you present at the Lagos Government House generously gave out in response to Tinubu’s dry jokes didn’t portray you as professionals. What we saw in that video where everyone of you were more of jostling for introduction to Tinubu incognito brown envelopes journalism and at the neglect of the important opportunity to drill Tinubu physically on the state of the nation was unprofessional .

Above said, give it to Governor Jide Sanwolu He played a perfect and more intelligent host when he wore a stern look that is in tandem with the current mood of the nation. His composure and his briskly rescue of his guest from reporters so he shouldn’t further in his misjive were all commendable.

*Akin Adeyi*
Akoni Oodua Ayeniromo
25th October,2020

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