As Primate Ndukuba Buries Mum He Fondly Recollects Memories of His Parents


The Archbishop Metropolitan and Primate of all Nigeria Most Revd Henry Ndukuba could not let it go when it was time for him to give testimony of his late Mum Selina Ndukuba during the service  of songs for her at  St Peter’s Anglican Church, Ogberuru in Orlu, Imo State.

In a moving tribute for her and his father, he spoke how the two of them raised him and his siblings in a Christian home rooted in the word of God.
 Excerpts of the tribute rendered extemporaneously  read:
“Praise ye the lord, the Lord’s name be praised
“We give God all the glory for the life of our mother Mama Selina Ozioma Ndukuba, she was a strict disciplinarian and prayer warrior, always caring for others, when we were growing up her and our father Silas Ndukuba, both of them were teachers and the way they brought us up with unity of purpose. If my father is flogging you don’t run to mama, if you run to mama, she would kick you and push you to papa, so if papa is beating you find your way and ran away don’t run to mama.  If mama is beating you don’t run to papa, so any one that is handling you must find your way and run because no one will spare you.

 So when it comes to disciplining the children both of them were one, and one of the thing they thought us was to always stand for the right even if it means standing alone.  Once you know that it is the right thing and it will glorify God don’t give up. even if you have to suffer, suffer for it and so my mother doesn’t spare anybody even if you are her son or daughter, or son in-law or daughter in-law once you are at fault even in the public she would rebuke you like any other person and so the best thing to be in her good book was to stand on their path which is right and true. Mama was a woman of prayer. Mama and Papa never played with our Family Altar and I remembered that when we were growing up church hymnal 11 was her best ” o worship the king all glorious above and gratefully sing His power and His love:
Our shield and defender, the ancient of days, pavilioned in splendor and girded with praise” . Every family altar my father will like us to sing that hymn with all our hearts  believing and trusting this God who created the heaven and the earth would watch over us and keep us.
Both my father and my mother stood for what the word of God has thought us, they lead us to the path to fear God and she thought us to pray.  Everywhere she is once is 4: am in the morning she starts singing from her hymn book, wherever you are in the house you will hear her singing and she was such a loving and caring mother, a teacher per excellence. Both herself and our father thought us that there’s nothing too big for you to do and there’s nothing too small for you to do.
She taught us how to cook, clean the house even the hand sewing machine, she taught everyone how to sew our torn dresses whether you are a boy or a girl there’s no difference, so even now I can use that hand sewing machine to sew my torn clothes because of what mama instilled in us. As a boy you will cook, clean the kitchen, wash plates after that you will still go and fetch firewood and my father will always say there’s dignity in labor, it doesn’t take anything from you no matter your height , they lived it, they showed us. and one picture that will always remain in my memory as long as I live is the picture of a house been built where the father and the mother where the chief mason and the children where the ones that brings the blocks and the mortar and they built the house together.  That picture remained in the house and they told us that this is the family, we built together, everyone is important. She was a caring mother and a counsellor, the one who will look at your face and told you be careful.  when I became a bishop  she told me Henry never allow this staff fall out from your hand and may God magnify you in the presence of those who oppose you  Those words have never left me and I know she was always there for us and whatever happens she would always exclaim that we should thank god. We thank God for the legacy they had left for us and the way they had impacted our lives.
 Whatever we are today by the Grace of God they contributed so much and so we thank you for being here to sing praises unto god and to reflect on what god has done through them , God bless you.”
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