Anglican Priest Says Ekweremadu and his Wife Still Innocent, Let’s Pray For Them


Venerable  Joseph Unuayan priest of  the Pentecost Mabushi of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion in Abuja has asked Nigerians to pray for Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife arrested and denied bail  in the United Kingdom for an alleged organ harvesting.

He noted that what they were being accused of was a serious offence in UK and they could be punished for it if found guilty. However ” they are still innocent “.

Venersble Unuayan who is also the Director of Civic and political affairs in Anglican Communion made this comment when participating on the daily Live Streaming programme of the Advent Cable Network Nigeria Television ACNNTV the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion owned television.

He said further “The information in the public is still sketchy and it will be better we reserve our comments and watch what is happening in the UK court.

“One thing I know is that the UK police will not arrest anybody if they don’t have evidence to use against the person and in the eye of the law, the distinguished senator and the wife should be presumed to be innocent until the case is proven in court.


“We pray for him, if what is being alleged was actually done and the normal procedures were not followed, it is unfortunate, as he is in the position to know the right thing to be done.”

The other guest on the programme Paul Smith Obasi African Democratic Congress Senatorial Candidate FCT, said in the UK the offence of human trafficking and organ harvesting atract life jail for convicted culprit.

In her separate reaction to newspot Ijeoma Chinonyerem wrote:

“So apparently, Ekweremadu’s daughter needs a kidney transplant. She’s in the UK.

“What Ekweremadu did was to pick a 15 year old homeless orphan living on the streets of Lagos. He said he’s sending him to the UK to train him and give him a better life. Seeing as he’s a popular figure, the young boy agreed. Any of us in his shoes would have. From homeless living on the streets of Lagos to the UK.

“They never told him they wanted to use him as spare part for their daughter.

“They falsified his travel documents and gave him fake identity. The boy has been in the UK since few months ago.

“It was while running some tests in the UK hospital in May that the boy found out they wanted to remove his kidney. Nobody told him!

“A 15 year old boy!!!

“He told some medical officials that he wasn’t aware and that was how the hospital got the police involved. The police didn’t burst the case like Nigerian police would have. They continued following it up codedly till now.

“Ekweremadu and his wife were arrested at the airport immediately they entered the UK yesterday. The boy is in police custody and Ekweremadu them appeared in court for their first hearing today.

“Both him and his wife were denied bail and case was adjourned to July 7th. So they are in custody as you are reading this.

“Mind you, it’s even illegal for a minor to donate organ in the UK. A parent or guardian must authorise it. Of which the Ekweremadus are neither.

“So they kidnapped this boy and brought him into the UK with falsified documents, never told him they wanted to use his kidney and planned to go ahead with it just like that.

“Do you think they would have let that boy live after the operation? Of course not. Cos they know he will raise alarm after the surgery and the thing would blow up. So I’m very sure they brought in that boy just for the sole purpose of using him as a spare part and nothing more. That’s the reason they falsified his travel documents.

“This makes me wonder how many young, poor/homeless teens they musr have kidnapped and tested here in Nigeria, before this guy matched with his daughter that they now took him to the UK.
How many homeless teens did they test?
What happened to the ones that didn’t match?
Did they send them back to the street where they picked them from or…

“I’m so glad they are still in custody. Let’s watch this unfold.

~ *Ijeoma Chinonyerem”


While it is legal to donate organs in the UK, the donor must be related to the recipient and above 18.

The donor must consent.

The donor must not receive any form of payment as an organ donor.

While in rare cases, a non-relative can donate an organ. However, You must prove beyond all justifications why a non-relative is desirous to donate an organ to you and not another person with kidney failure. What gesture have you or your family extended to the donor in the past?

The UK NHS uses an organ register and more than 8000 are on the waiting list. This allows living or a deceased donor to freely donate organs without even knowing the recipient. That’s what they consider altruistic.

Any other way is “considered” an organ harvest and it’s a crime, especially if they have obtained an oral interview from the “child donor” and she confessed “daddy and mummy” asked me to do it.

This is a dicey situation and very complicated. Ike Ekweremadu and his wife are in a serious issue.


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