An Icon is Born- Adunke Olatunji

    No tree can be compared to the Oak, no bird, be it in the water, on land and in the air can be compared to the eagle. When the Sun rises and towers above, the darkness challenge is vamoosed. Every other light will use the illumination of the Sun to discharge their lightening peculiarities.

    When a man distinguishes himself in what he believes, does, practices, he is said to be diligent and honourable but when he masters all, he could be termed ” A Colossus”

    Such is characteristical of an accomplished and distinguished man, SIR FOLU LAWRENCE OLAMITI.
    A journalist per excellence who rose from being a reporter in 1972 through the organizational structure to the upper echelon of one of the most urbane and recognized publishing firm in Africa. We are not surprised about your meteoric tendencies, administrative acumen, and management excellence you commanded during your service at Tribune. You are such a figure with great respect and an unassuming factor.

    A very generous man who never delays promoting excellence in the industry. I joined numerous of your friends, families, and fans all over the world as you celebrate another fantastic year today. Your birthday is always synonymous with the joyous mood associated with this season. I wish you all the best in the new year as you continue to blaze the trail as the colossus that you are. Your giant strides in the sound of time shall never be erased.


    I greet as I doff my cap. Happy birthday Sir.

    “Wa je gbo, wa je to o”

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