Alli Ndume and Trials Long Overdue By Akingbondere Tunde

Not just a person had an inkling of the imminent metamorphosis lurking behind and for one of the foremost movers at the Red Chamber, Alli Ndume. The thoroughbred Parliamentarian son of Borno state stepped into politics, just like any Nigerian from the northern part of the country. It was indeed his vision to give a robust representation at the senate while blazing the identity of the opposition PDP.

The fact says he slugged it out with incumbent Ahmed Lawan in the days of album waxing Dino Melaye, who said it to Bukola Saraki’s face and that it was his “time to laugh”, and suddenly the table turned against him.

In the title, “Jero’s Metamorphosis.” Wole Soyinka weaved a storyline so speedily, emboldening the philosophical mindset that made unstable men, immersed too in some baptism with pretense are their ailing souls caged. They are frightful!

According to the mythology of the Greek, written via the Secretarial hands of Socrates who in his wisdom had resisted so many counsels, behoving him to vacate Athens and for a distant land where the children are thought strange languages and he is rescued from trials.


Alli Ndume is noted for his blunt outspokenness, not until he fielded in to guarantee a friend levelled with the humongous crime of embezzling advertently funds meant for Civil Servants. This fund was to the tune of two billion Naira, cornered via the instrumentality of the office committed him.

Maina as the Head of the Pension Reformed Tax Team flew in the threat of the unknown, off the shores of Nigeria and into Saudi Arabia. It was from here he clandestinely sneaked into the country around 2013 and 2015 respectively.
Justice Okon Abang_led court evidently regretted granting bail to this Maina who never returned until 26th of October, 2019. In the company of a stick was he, leaping. Shocking was his immediate provision before the court.
People tend to forget quickly the case of Nnamdi KANU, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. He did disappear to Israel on being bailed and by a Senior Igbo Lawyer who is almost being stripped of his mature silk.

Intriguing also is the fact that the accused person has not connived with any of his staffs except the son whose company had been directly identified as the Conduit pipe for this common wealth looted.

Any time justice is broached and obedience to court orders preached, we must be aware of the fact that the citizenry intentionally sabotaged justice. It is in a bunch of intrigue: as we kill one, another rears.

An appalling one it is and that one of the foremost leaders of our legislature has finally pitched his tenth with unconfirmed crime. Tendencies bordering on pretense, fright and guilt have attested to the veracity of the whole story. Maina’s abiding by unsubstantiated claims, confusedly seeking the derecognition of the documented claims against him and even playing into expository environmental factors that portends guilt speaks.

Ndume as a person should have been docked so long for his carelessness with technicalities and even charged paltry over Five hundred million for bail. That he could be so loyal to the level of joking with the mandate committed him by his district, while also feathering the nest of a confused accused, whose temperament cannot withstand the matter of his demeanour is a reason to be sad

A lot of people have lost their believes in the Anti Corruption crusade of President Buhari, they also believe innocents are being framed as oppositions in his “Holier Than Thou” government. But here is my question, how does that legalize crime?

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