African slave trade and American guns | Newspot


    Gun-gods blitz, mayhem ensues
    Hell-fire pierces the peaceful, still air
    Human and animal kingdoms upturned
    Orgiastic netherworld sounds permeate
    Choke heavenly-realm angelic cries
    Bottomless-pit monstrosities unchained
    Harmonious simplicity rent asunder
    Gun powder over African villages
    Wrests sons from mothers
    Tears daughters from fathers
    Every affected area a crime scene
    Africa’s blood-soaked soil
    Surrenders its best human specimens
    Bloodlines terminated for all eternity
    Humanity, kinship, familial love
    Identity annihilated, personhood trashed
    Guns, guns and more guns.

    Human-gun-gods celebrate
    Worship, venerate, idolize their handiwork
    Revel in macabre killer-alchemy
    Slavers, traders, masters, drivers
    Coffers filled with treasures of darkness
    Slave patrols hunt down escapees
    Guns at the ready to terrify and re-kill
    Human chattel sniffed and tracked
    Merciless gun-deities hungry for human prey
    Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Daunte Wright
    Sacrificial offerings on their ruthless altar
    Bloodied, shredded, shattered, lifeless
    Black life scorned, deemed not to matter
    Guns, guns and more guns.

    Sandy Hook, El Paso, Parkland, Orlando
    Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, Tree of life
    Frankenstein’s monster reigns supreme
    Feeds insatiable lust for human carnage
    Flaunts absolute, reprobate, godly power
    In its wake, broken or hardened hearts
    Destroying lives decimating communities
    A nation rag-doll-like in a tsunami of guns
    Law-makers exalt greed, immorality, death
    Brooking neither dissent nor debate
    Contemptuous of reason and good faith
    Guns do not kill, people do
    A good gun can stop a bad gun
    2nd amendment supersedes Holy Writ
    Set in stone: IN GUNS WE TRUST
    Guns, guns and more guns.

    • Ms Irene Fowler is an international lawyer (LL.M Harvard), writer and poet.


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