Adeleke Blasts Fayose For His Complimentary Remarks Against Chief Bode George

The Executive Chairman of the Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company, and Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party PDP Mr Dare Adeleke has said former Governor or Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose had no moral right to talk back at Chief Bode George.

By doing that, Fayose ‘is biting the fingers that fed him’.

Adeleke was reacting to statements made by Fayose asking PDP leader and elder statesman, Chief Bode George, to go and rest.

Though Fayose had stated that he was quoted out of context with regards to the on-coming elections in Edo State. His denial was not convincing


Fayose, came to power under the PDP twice as governor of Ekiti State had insinuated in a published statement credited to him that he was not in support of the Edo PDP candidate and sitting governor, Godwin Obaseki.

Chief Bode George reacted by telling party members to disregard Fayose’s statement as it did not reflect the position of the party and that it was wrong for Fayose for going against the PDP he had benefited immensely from.

In the same vein, Adeleke said how could Fayose be so ungrateful to a benefactor who contributed to his emergence as governor, not once but twice.

He recounted how Fayose had no money or political clout that it was Chief Bode George who stood by him.

“I took Fayose to Bode George in 2003 when he had no money and Chief Bode George supported him and influenced Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to back Fayose in place of S.K Babalola”.

Adeleke queried why Fayose should claim Chief George did not contribute financially to his political growth, when indeed Chief Bode George gave him N10million (Ten Million Naira) and got his friend, Chief Bode Olajumoke to donate to Fayose’s campaign.

According to Adeleke, “Fayose has forgotten so soon when he was impeached and was to be jailed in a commando like manner by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. I would like to ask him, who saved him? Who secretly informed him about the plans to jail him, before he was whisked out of the country in one of his car booths? I advised responsible PDP member to forget about Fayose because as we speak he is already a mole in our party. We believe he is already on his way to APC with the intention of working for the Tinubu presidency in 2023 so that he can escape the Buhari hammer in the face of his corruption cases before the court.”

A miffed Adeleke advised Fayose to check himself very well: “I am surprised he can now open his mouth to tell Bode George to retire, to the extent of saying he ordinarily wouldn’t have dignified Chief George with a reply. He must remember that Bode George is a product of the University of Lagos and he studied Electrical Engineering. What did Fayose study? Imagine, how ungrateful can anyone become? How much lower can Fayose go? Ungrateful to the man who helped him politically and be ungrateful to the party through which he became governor twice. Twice Fayose was made governor under the PDP, twice he handed over to APC; is that not ridiculous enough? He needs to check himself”.

Adeleke said people should stop taking Fayose seriously as he “is only romancing the APC because of his case with the EFCC. ”

“Fayose is simply looking for reprieve and support from the APC to save himself from the case of fraud filed against him”. Adeleke said.

Adeleke warned that Bode George camp would drag Fayose to court over statements he made regarding a certain audio tape: “Fayose claims he has an audio tape of negative comments Chief Bode George made against Ekiti, Rivers and Osun elections. I challenge him to produce the tape now or he should be ready to face the courts of the land for defamation and character assassination, among others.”

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