A Third World War is Imminent and Unavoidable


…. if Communist China, Russia and North Korea are forced to unite against America.

Vladimir Putin has never forgotten the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

He had an opportunity to begin to pay America back in 2016 by finding a willing ally and traitor in Donald Trump and some elements in the Republican Party who had joined in because of their racist inclination to turn America from a multi-racial country into a white only country predominantly dominated and controlled by the Whites who feel intimidated and endangered and could soon be outnumbered by the increasing number of Blacks, Browns and immigrants coming to America.

That is why Donald Trump always talks of building walls to keep those he calls criminals and rapists out behind the walls.

Immigrants and minorities who support Trump have lost their minds. I am not one of them. I belong to Americans who say “Give me liberty or death” and so should all of us. A multi-racial America is what makes America so special and unique.

That was precisely the fear that Donald Trump had stoked to convince his Republican Loyalists and Insurrectionists to join him in replacing Democracy with Dictatorship if they help put him in the White House even with some help from Communist Russia by planning the insurrection and coup d’Etat of January 6. Gone were those days when Ronald Reagan and the Republicans used to call the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire”

The Coup has been followed by Trump’s attempt to gut the voting rights that would progressively make it harder for the Blacks and the Browns and all naturalized American immigrants to ever vote again in America and if they ever manage to vote, for their votes to be discounted and set aside by the Returning officers in all of the States and Local Governments controlled by the Republicans.


Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema who value retaining the Filibuster nonsense more than they value John Lewis Voting Right legislation and the Build Back Better Bill are the greatest enemies of Democracy and lunatics to call a spade a spade and God and Posterity will not forgive them, if they refuse to change their minds.

Republicans are convinced that the Republican Party can never win a national election in America again based on their policies and racist ideology. That is why they are not talking about what they want to do for America and why they oppose everything the Democrats want to do. That is the big difference.

The Republicans know they can never win again a fair and free election in America. That is the blunt truth the disenfranchised Americans must be told. It is a question of life and death for them because the power to vote is the live wire of Democracy. You lose it, you lose everything. Make no mistake about that.

That was why Donald Trump had began to spread falsehood about the election long before the election and after he lost the election. He told his supporters to consider the election rigged if he and the Republicans did not win and not even the FBI is able to take him up, or call him out on that so he continues to stoke fear as if he is above the law.

He has continued to spread and build on that falsehood to lay the foundation for the coup that we all saw play out on January 6.

The Covid-19 which started from Wuhan Province in China in 2019 has demonstrated to China the vulnerability of America and the limitations of Democracy as a system of Government and as a Tower of Babel as opposed to Communism and its central control system and chain of command which is able to compel a vaccine mandate across the whole country that no one could challenge or dispute like frequently happens in America.

China with more than 4 times the population of America is therefore empowered and able to limit the devastation of the Epidemic far better and quicker than America and all of her allies in the West before new variants or mutations set in.

America is now talking of learning to live with the Pandemic whereas the communist countries are talking of getting all of their citizens vaccinated to drastically reduce the number of casualties coming to them from the Pandemic.

The 3 Communist countries now know that Donald Trump has weakened America by sowing division, distrust and doubt to all of its major institutions including the Congress, the Judiciary and the Supreme Court, the Military and the Pentagon more so with all of his allies within NATO and all of the international organizations like the UNO, UNESCO , the World Bank and the IMF and others that America can effectively use to enforce any sanctions against them.

Now the tension between China and Taiwan and the tension between Russia and Ukraine and Crimea and the tension between America and North Korea on her Nuclear Weapons program could predictably force those 3 powerful Communist Country to view America as their common enemy

If they all close ranks to fight America and her weakened Allies around the World, that tension could predictably lead to a Third World War that America cannot win.

Why? Because Russia has just tested a Neutron Bomb which is 33000 times more powerful than the Bomb that was used by America to Bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nobody knows what China and North Korea have in their arsenal of deadly weapons of mass destruction because they are very secretive about what they have and their capabilities and power configuration.

Yes, America is a powerful nation but but it is a nation in decline or disarray due to the betrayal of Donald Trump and his collaborators and American Law Enforcement appear too slow or too weak to bring any of those criminals to Justice as they continue to destabilize America now openly admitting that violence against Government is justified.

If you stage a coup in China, Russia or North Korea, you are not treated with kid gloves because those countries don’t play. They call a spade a spade unlike America.

America has been weakened by many years of War all over the World including Afghanistan where they have just withdrawn in total confusion that we all watched in horror on television. It was a right move but it was poorly executed.

It therefore sounds hollow to me for America to be threatening another war so soon not only with China on Taiwan and with Russia on Ukraine and with North Korea over her Nuclear Weapons program.

If those 3 Communist countries are forced to unite against America and her Allies, that is a scary and formidable unity that could well precipitate the Third World War that America does not want or need and cannot afford.

If China loses the total population of 330 million in a war with America, that is only a drop of water in the Ocean, if you know the population of China.

China is the new colonial master in Africa that may be able to draft or recruit foot soldiers and sympathizers from those colonies like Britain had done when it established the Royal West African Frontier Force which had fought in Ceylon, India and Egypt under the British flag in the Second World War.

I know because my own father late Sergeant Akintide Gbangba was a foot soldier in that War from 1939 to 1945.

China is no longer the same China America used to know quite apart from owning a large chunk of America and lending so much money that America cannot fully repay with interest for years to come.

Well, what do I know? Mine is only a solitary voice in the Wilderness, but I would say it for whatever it may be worth in a country where debate and disagreement or dissent are not criminalized.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide

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