80 Years of God’s Goodie–ness- Mike Awoyinfa Column

Goodie Minabo Ibru has seen the goodness of God. Not once, not twice, not thrice but eighty times, if we are to distribute God’s goodness in a ratio of one per year for the man who clocked 80 on May 11, 2022. Born 1942 in Kano, Goodie Ibru is the sole survivor of the five amazing Ibru brothers glued together by brotherly love and a rare communal fraternity, each brother being the other’s brother’s keeper under the patriarchal, inspirational leadership of their eldest brother the late Olorogun Michael Christopher Onajirevbe Ibru, the legendary business titan who introduced Nigerians to eating frozen fish and made a fortune which he later diversified to build a business empire.
Between Goodie Ibru and his eldest brother Olorogun Michael Ibru are two human-interest stories that must be told before anything else. In journalism, we define “human interest” to mean stories that are dear to the heart, stories that are touching, that are emotional. As he basked in his fresh octogenarian glory, Goodie Ibru, the last man standing remembers how as a three- or four-year-old, he got lost in the big city of Lagos and couldn’t find his way home. Tears in his eyes, he was swamped amidst the din and bustle of Lagos, a little boy in the middle of nowhere, going nowhere. He was wandering and wondering. In his confused mind he was asking himself: where is home? Where is my mummy? Where is my daddy? Where are my siblings?

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