2023: Tinubu/ Osinbajo; Nothing To Worry About By Tony Ogbetere


Bola Ahmed Tinubu had left Mobil seven (7) years before I joined the company as a Territory Manager.

But I have close friends and senior colleagues who worked closely with him while he was in the company.

And they have varied opinions about him, his work ethic and his proclivities.


And if what I have had the privilege of hearing first hand about him is anything to go by, then I can guarantee that he is not in anyway bothered by Professor Osinbajo’s declaration to run for president.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu understands politics the Nigerian way, and probably knew over a year ago that Osinbajo was likely going to run.

These things are not rocket science.

There is hardly any Nigerian alive today who would be in Professor Osinbajo’s position and not contemplate a shot at the presidency.

So do not delude yourself that Tinubu didn’t see it coming.

Apart from Osinbajo’s declaration being an exercise of his fundamental rights as a Nigerian, his position as vice President puts him in a better pedestal than a good number of the candidates in the race.

It is therefore very unfair for anyone to posit that Osinbajo’s declaration is an act of betrayal to Tinubu.

Tinubu himself is a beneficiary of the benevolence of certain stakeholders in the Lagos terrain who preferred him to Funso Williams, Wahab Dosunmu and other aspirants in 1999.

If any of those stakeholders were to indicate an interest in running for the presidency would it be fair to insist that Tinubu should step down for them or shouldn’t run simply because they were pivotal to his emergence as Governor of Lagos State?

In politics nothing is guaranteed anyone. Nobody remains a godfather or godson forever.

Change is inevitable.

The Tinubu that I have come to know will concede victory to Osinbajo and support him if things pan out in favour of the vice President.

The Yemi Osinbajo that I have come to know will most definitely concede and support Tinubu wholeheartedly if things pan out in favour of Tinubu.

That’s why I find it a bit shocking that some supporters of Bola Ahmed Tinubu are already picking on the Vice President and denigrating him for simply exercising his fundamental human right. A right which I am sure Tinubu have no scruples with.

Let’s not disrespect the Vice President or any other candidate for that matter simply because they have chosen to exercise their fundamental human rights.

Nigeria is a democracy!

Let everyone be free to actualise their dreams under this Democracy.

Tinubu hasn’t expressed dissent or disappointment over Osinbajo’s declaration. Don’t put words in his mouth.

Both Tinubu and Osinbajo will come out of this better and stronger together.

You can take that to the bank.

Instead of supporters of the two gladiators to be fighting amongst themselves, they should save energy to battle the opposition when one of them finally concedes and supporters the other.

Don’t kill yourself over two brothers who clearly don’t have issues with each other.

~ *Prince Tony Ogbetere.*

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