2023: The South West Agenda By Godservant Tunde Kolajo



The South West of Nigeria used to be a peaceful region of peace loving people without the bitterness of politics and the attendant violent consequences. Despite diversity of modern day religious beliefs and sentiments, the Yorubas continue to live basically as one people with many families having practitioners of the Christian, Islamic and purely traditional Yoruba ancestral faiths living peaceably together. When there is a threat to such families, the blood line instincts kick up to the surface above all other considerations! Indeed, the Yorubas, notably of a great depth of collective native wisdom, have and operate based on several such adages including: “Omo kii buru titi k’a le f’ekun pa je!” (A child cannot be so bad as to abandon him to a marauding tiger to kill!)

This cultural behavior follows the purely scientific Category Theory, a general theory of mathematical structures and their relations that was introduced by Samuel Eilenberg and Saunders Mac Lane in the middle of 20th century in their foundational work on algebraic topology.
Category theory emphasizes the associativity and interconnectivity of different mathematical elements within a whole thus showing how interconnected different areas of mathematics actually are and gives a new perspective of the subject as a unified whole, rather than a scattered collection of seemingly different.
Applying Category theory for national preservation and prosperity in the South West is not only wise to so do, it is actually imperative in the current dispensation of our history. It has been one of the basic tenets of the life pursuit of that great sage, Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi Awolowo (Awo) which informed his political alignments but sadly missed by most who claimed to be Awoists after him. Otherwise, they would never have ended up so bitterly divergent on so many fundamentals.

The collective threat to the Yorubaland and consequently the Yorubas is today, too obvious and undeniable! Only the blinded, the deceived or the pretenders or worse off still, the enemies of the people will fail to recognize or appreciate the unprecedented severity of the threat.
This is one of the unassailable background to the agitations and clamor for the Yoruba nation at this time. No reasonable person can fault the collective resolve of a people for self determination in the face of deliberate and systematic invasion and incursion and decimation.
The business of politics as usual will fail woefully to address this existential threats in today’s bastardized federation of states called Nigeria.

Eschewing outright war, the solution I propose lie in the advanced political maneuver predicated on the unassailable category theory. It is basic survivalist concept of wise people everywhere, applied to politics this time. And it is simple.
All Yorubas votes come 2023 must be one. Selah. Before you dismiss in your justifiable fury, wait, then think again. Of the “most probable three” there is one Yoruba; let all our unified vote be en bloc for him. Now, you feel truly enraged, hang on still. We have gotten to that juncture in our political dispensation given the unfortunate realities of the circumstances we currently find ourselves, where and when we need extra ordinary approach. Believe me, beloved fellow Yorubas/Yoruba affiliates, everywhere, as unrefined and provocatively suggestive as it may sound, we have come to that point where we have to yield for collective survival and advancement to the chime: “Omo wa ni, e je o se!” It is not because it is Tinubu o! It is for all of our sakes! It is for Yorubaland!
And for those who may know me more closely and are wandering: I am still for truth, justice and peace; my vow till the end. So hear me out:


Of the trio of ATIKU, TINUBU and OBI, it is in our collective and category interest to elect Tinubu despite what multitudes of us may justly hold against him. Time for the big picture thinking folks. He is the best poised for the deliverance of the South West in terms of security, economy and equitable distribution of federal resources to balance the imbalances we suffer.

There has been a lot of cries against his propensity for state wealth grab. This is a general malaise for which all the politicians are guilty. It is inexcusable but dumping him now for this, is tantamount to siding with our enemies who on that scale are not better but will further use theirs to oppress us further. Again, we have what it takes to mount effective watch to assure equity though I am persuaded, he has sufficient wisdom to know much better.

Many agitate over the dubiousness of his personal data which given his public associations and performances over several decades might only be a curious lack of desire to be forthcoming about details. It is unreasonable to claim he didn’t attend primary or secondary schools if he eventually graduated from a reputable American university in Chicago. If he became a senior manager in Mobil oil corporation. If he became the executive Governor of the most prosperous state in Nigeria and took good and exemplary charge for eight years. If he spoke such impressive English language at home and abroad in the public eye for so long. If he achieved all this and more when perceived as un-certificated, then, for what will he need official certification. I am saying, such a matter must fade to the background in the face of weightier matters of life and death, so long as officialdom clears him of all requisites as they have been doing till date. We have in him, a man up to the system that must be explored for our category good!

The hype over his age, in which I myself had indulged, is in the circumstances, at best, a non issue, a distraction and politickering BAT. His health is much more important; and it is not at his best, worrying no doubt, but he had already defied the odds, weathered the storms so far and has emerged the ruling party’s Presidential candidate! To not now swallow the chill pill will be like “ditching him when he is already elected” We will not do that. We now have to wish him well enough to ‘care’ for his people.

As for whether he will care for his people or not, his records and past speeches must not be disregarded notwithstanding that he might have tactically kept mum most of PMB’s tenure (in the spirit of “Omo odo na fi ogbon se” – behaving himself wisely deliberately)
The Tinubu of Nadeco days that I know, will never betray his people. Tinubu is a people’s person. It is at the heart of his political career. Believe me, a group of us can go to Aso and eventually, Tinubu himself as President will see us. It’s the path he himself trod.

Though my focus is the betterment of the Yoruba people, the attention at this time must be on Tinubu’s presidency. Yorubas, rally round him for our sakes, not his. This is advanced political strategy beyond unrealistic sentiments of elementary comments of tribal bias, personal integrity for its sake and other trivials, where a people are at serious risk.
I rest.

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