2023 ELECTIONS: The Highest Bidder Will Win!! Not The Best Social Media Presence! — By Muslim Patriot





…..Nigeria is up for sale and the highest bidder will purchase it for the fulani Islamisation agenda*

*My brother, I promised not to speak about this topic and I meant it. Personally you know my stand. Both of us campaigned vigorously for the emergence of a Southern Christian as the APC candidate.*

*The same wailers of today who collected money from Tinubu to promote a Southern Muslim cannot teach me equity. We cautioned against this on grounds of being pragmatic not of being reckless.*


*Everyone has a right to , but in the end they will all line up to collect money and vote Atiku or Tinubu.*

*We contributed money to install Buhari president. Instead of killing money politics he turned the presidency into a Bazaar.*

*APC members whose exithave been celebrated as protesting Muslim Muslim ticket actually had discussions with Atiku long before Tinubu announced Kashim. I know them because we are close and I am aware of the discussions. In the end it was about money and self interest not conviction.*

*I cannot cry for the same Nigerian Christians who refused to vote for Pastor Bakare despite his heroic stand because he did not give them money. I cannot cry for Nigerian Christians who voted to return Orji Kalu whose slave mentality says he will rather be a cleaner in an Ahmed Lawan presidency at a time Christians wanted the presidency. I cannot cry for Nigerian Christians*

*Whose Governors and other political leaders lined up behind Atiku and Tinubu ?. Do they expect a different outcome? You cannot plant corn and harvest beans.*
*Please my brother, the fact that I am a Muslim does not blind me to the need for equity, fairness and justice to Nigerian Christians.**

*But I am also not blind to the hypocrisy of the Christian elites who are unable, or unwilling or even too greedy to stand up for a Christian presidency either in APC or PDP beyond condemnation in the Media. What was needed was to organize and not agonize.*

*In the end what matters to Nigerians is not the optics of their president or vice president going to church or mosque. What matters is the ability of leadership to better their lots. In that we all failed.*

A bag of rice is 33k far above the minimum wage. When you talk they say inflation is global, but for the past 10 years till today a kilo of meat is 2000 cefa in Cameroon. I bought it at the same price yesterday. That’s our minimum expectations as a people, not the supposed religion of our leaders.

*For leadership, the citizens are the family and the Bible says “A man who cannot take care of his family is worst than an infidel” those who go to church and mosque and yet hide away palliatives while the poor die of hunger have no Religion.*

*The issue of which religion the contestants belong to is a smoke screen. Be certain that the election is based on the capacity to buy and sell. Nothing more and nothing less.*

*Nigeria is up for sale and the highest bidder will purchase it for the fulani Islamisation agenda* ,..

*With 2/3 of the Northern part of Nigeria especially Niger State the border state with Southern states under the grips of ISWAP and yet we all ignore it , the looming danger is getting clearer.*

*If any of the candidates win ,the ISWAP army will invade the south like they have done in the North and resistance will be cut short because of the presence of the advance troops already living among them .*

*The 2023 election will only divide Nigeria further and promote the fulanisation agenda that neither Atiku or Tinubu can stop* ,

*In the maintime the Obi trajectory is a pacifier for the teeming youths who want a better nation but wont get it through the polls*

*Nigeria divided by Tribe ,Religion ,Greed for money and power will be a sad story to behold* .


Alhaji Anonymous ( Muslim Patriot)

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