Are We Ready For War ? Asks Akintayo Akin-Deko


Chief Akintayo Akin-Deko
What General Danjuma said when herdsmen overran his North Central region of origin some years ago is that we should prepare to defend ourselves. He didn’t say we should prepare for War. If today, there is a fight between Yoruba and Fulani because of Sunday Igboho’s initiative in Ibarapa, Oyo State that won’t be a case of us defending ourselves, that would be the catalyst that could lead to war.

Sunday is a fighter. Bold but not necessarily trained in strategy. The term in politics I think is “striker”. When such people are deployed there is support action planned by their leaders depending on the PLANNED overall objective.
In the case of elections, it could be to drive voters away, or snatch ballot boxes, or draw govt security forces away from an alternative target of greater value, or kidnap a candidate etc
These strikers (they work in small groups) typically very quickly leave the scene especially at the approach of security forces. A few innocent bystanders might get wounded or killed and things return to normal.
If the strikers stand their ground, it’s usually to keep the security forces busy while the real objective is being followed up. In this scenario which again would be under coordination by leaders that know the greater objective, many more innocent onlookers get killed.
If the strikers (perhaps) with popular support from bystanders overwhelm the exploratory security forces, the security forces will retreat and return in greater numbers. They will then kill wantonly to save face (and to dispose of the corpses). The authorities will later impose a curfew to enable them to “fish out ring leaders” and to “restore order”
It is at this point that War could be upon us in the SW. Because we won’t be able to accept the killing or the oppression of innocents. But regrettably, other ethnic groups living amongst us in the SW and fearing they may also get the Seriki treatment WILL SUPPORT THE FEDERAL SECURITY FORCES against us.
Meanwhile the West, afraid of all out civil war in the region and possibly another Rwanda, WILL SUPPORT CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY to suppress the fighting. All the current bull about the number of Yorubas in Joe Biden’s government will be seen for what it is, hot air.
I have gone to this extent to explain the unfolding scenario because I don’t want to see ANY NIGERIAN die for no good reason or the SW turned into a warfront. The fight against criminality is not a reason to slide into ethnic cleansing, which is abhorent to our Yoruba ethos
Sunday Ighoho was wrong confronting an elderly man in his home no matter the reason. That is un-Yoruba. If his action leads to wider skirmishes, those of us hailing his action WILL BE TO BLAME. We should therefore keep quiet. It is a fight for our governors to lead.
If, God forbid, Sunday Ighoho’s action leads to war between Yoruba and Fulani, then posterity will never forgive us for STARTING A WAR without coordination and without planning. That is totally un-Yoruba.
No matter the provocation (even by a biased FGN), no matter the hurt being inflicted by criminals living amongst us and their alleged hosts, we must resolve matters constitutionally, with a clear head and a with a defined vision for all of our law-abiding citizens. This applies especially to resolving inter-ethnic matters
God bless Nigeria, especially the SW during these trying times
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